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I’m kinda clingy once I get attached and I kinda expect you to reassure me and shit and tell me you care and remind me that you won’t leave because then if you don’t I just get annoyed and then I overthink everything and yeah it’s stupid but that’s how I am and I just care and I just want to know feelings are mutual and that you care too. I don’t want to have to wonder. Don’t keep me guessing, but most of all don’t waste my time.

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The purpose of a boyfriend should be for a potential husband and vice versa. Stop wasting energy, time, and days.

Words of Emotion

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taken from Thought Catalog

When we love without expecting anything back, we try. At least we try; there’s always that. When we love without expecting anything back, we put ourselves out there and stand in the spotlight, even if it seems like we’re walking on a fragile tightrope half the time,…

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